The following benefits can be expected from the implementation of the CCO® Solution Suite:

  • Significant savings due to reduced Cash-in-Transit (CIT) costs and internal replenishment costs – in many cases effectively 15-25%.
  • Reduced cash inventories, if the interest (opportunity) cost that you pay are significant. And reduced cash backflow resulting in lower counting and operational costs.
  • Enabling the benefits of Cash Recycling, both optimizing Recycler ATMs and in-branch recycling, which is impossible to achieve with low-technology methods such as spreadsheets.
  • Improved cash agent productivity from fully automated cash planning, ordering and monitoring procedures. Existing CCO® customers operate up to 5.000 ATMs with one cash agent in 4h per day.
  • Increased ATM availabilities (overall ATM and/or cash denominations), resulting in higher customer satisfaction and reduced emergency cash transports.

In practice this means significant savings, and you can expect EUR 600-1.500 per ATM per year as witnessed by existing CCO clients. Additionally, centralizing your cash processing with CCO ensures effective central control and coordination between branches, the cash center, the central bank and the CITs.

What about return on investment? We lay our cards on the table when it comes to this, too. Your software application won’t just pay off “some time in the future”, but rather at a point in time which is perhaps much sooner than you could believe. We will show you how planfocus solutions directly and demonstrably benefit your company – and how they achieve return on investment. For this reason alone, there’s simply no comparison with other solutions within the industry.
At planfocus, we know cash operations. We have focused over a decade on developing the most sophisticated technologies to solve the most complex cash forecasting and planning applications to a high degree of automation. By choosing optimized cash management from planfocus today, you will be miles ahead of the field tomorrow – and not just when it comes to economic efficiency. The planfocus experts will show you how it all works.

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