Cash Cycle Optimizer – CashCenter (CCO®/CashCenter) uses dedicated algorithms and workflows to support commissioning and central cash ordering processes at the cash center.

Solution Overview

When the individual cash orders for end cash points (for example ATMs or branches) arising from the underlying CCO®/Planner and CCO®/Basis workflows have been confirmed, the central cash ordering process adds up the demands of the individual cash centers from which cash is obtained. To determine the final amounts to be ordered, both the cash requirements for commissioning (aggregated demand) and the incoming cash shipments (aggregated delivery) are taken into account in this step. The CCO®/CashCenter workflows make it easier to aggregate the order and return amounts at the individual cash centers. This module supports existing core processes at cash centers to reduce overnight holdings and constitutes the central source of information about cash orders. Banks with their own cash centers and cash-in-transit operators benefit from greater efficiency and can save costs as a result of optimized cash center processes.

An efficient processing within the cash center helps to streamline workflows, automate internal processes and save valuable resources.

Support for central cash ordering

Amounts to be transported are aggregated, planned and managed at the cash center
Banknotes and coins are processed and the amount evaluated and reported

Commissioning and processing workflows for cash orders

  • Order commissioning is automated by CCO® / CashCenter passing data to counting machines, while package processing is automated by scanning the amounts received
  • Any counting discrepancies are identified
  • Multiple counting workstations can be managed

Reconciliation Workflows

CCO® / Cashcenter supports end-to-end workflows for processing of three-way discrepancies between monitoring counters, counting results in the cash center, and account postings from the core banking system. It enables identification of discrepancies, case management and case resolution with documentation and posting adjustments.

Automatic SEPA posting

CCO® / CashCenter includes automatic posting processes to issue SEPA records for transfer to the core banking system.

Connection to video surveillance systems

Connection to video surveillance systems is integrated in CCO® / Cash Center, so the counting process can be monitored and later validated if there are any discrepancies. This is achieved by stored markers in the video surveillance archive to retrieve any specific shipment position more efficiently later.

  • Aggregation and management of cash demands and return shipments for cash points in relation to their assigned cash center.
  • Workflows for the cash center vault ordering process
  • Reconciliation workflows for identification and management of discrepancies
  • Automatic workflows for order commissioning and processing through connection to counting machines
  • Automatic generation of SEPA postings
  • Simplified flows, lower error rate in package commissioning/decommissioning
  • Noticeable acceleration of electronic payment processes
  • Better process quality in line with audit and insurance standards
  • Improved management of holdings at cash centers

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