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Cash logistics companies are playing an increasingly important role as they are entrusted not only to safely taxi cash to its destination and operate the cash center, but increasingly to also take control of the entire cash cycle, including planning cash levels in ATMs and maintaining given SLAs – effectively becoming end-to-end Cash Management Companies. As CIT providers become full-service “one-stop-shops” for cash outsourcing, these managed service providers now forecast and plan the entire cash operations, not simply the routes that the armored cars take.

For cash logistics, planfocus provides the same full-service CMaaS cloud model as for other outsourcing providers (see above). In addition, planfocus CCO®/Transport can dynamically and fully automatically assign cash point orders to route schedules and vehicles to avoid capacity shortages many days before they occur. This means CCO® can truly bridge the optimization from the cashpoint to the vehicle schedule, combining both planned routes and Just-in-Time scheduling.

What is more, CCO®/CashCenter provides the technology to optimize large cash center vaults. This applies to the two main scenarios. Firstly, if the cash points and the ATMs sourced from the cash center are planned by CCO® in addition to the cash center itself, those cash point supplies and demands are automatically rolled-up to the cash center level where inventories can be planned in an integrated fashion. Alternatively, if only the cash center or vault inventory is optimized, the advanced CCO® algorithms take care to maintain the optimal levels of cash at any denomination. Whichever methodology is in place, planfocus solutions typically reduce cash inventories by 30-50%, bringing significant gains to the overall quality of service.


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