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Solution Overview

The module CCO/Transport provides tools for managing and optimizing cash-in-transit (CIT) tours that seamlessly integrate cash planning and tour disposition. This integrated approach optimizes (1) cash services, (2) tours and (3) vehicle allocation. While considering constraints of the delivery process (e.g. number of possible orders per vehicle/tour per day) for the automatic planning of the cash services CCO/Transport supports an automatic tour schedule that matches available vehicles and teams. The automatic order balancing reduces capacity peaks and thus minimizes the fixed costs of stand-by transport capacities. At the same time, it improves the timeliness of deliveries and thereby can help to reduce the required counting of cash returns and improve the overall quality of cash management.

  • Master data administration of delivery locations, vehicle and tours as well as automatic distribution of orders to certain vehicles and tours.
  • Automatic preparation and e-mail notification of route plans and delivery notes with the listing of individual delivery orders.
  • Fully automatic and dynamic forward-looking planning to prevent bottlenecks of vehicles.
  • Automatic identification of priority orders.
  • Extensive calendar function to configure the availability of vehicles and their capacity.
  • Automatic integration of cash and tour planning
  • Identification of time-critical jobs
  • Reducing the risk of stock-outs
  • Rapid and efficient tour planning
  • Optimal smoothing of transport capacity utilization
  • Increase of in-time delivery
  • Additional cost savings in the cash logistics
  • Increasing efficiency in cash and tour planning
  • Reduced time efforts for tour planning through automatic allocation of relevant information
  • Improving service levels in the cash logistics

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