CashEDI goes Europe

CashEDI, the standard set by the Bundesbank (German central bank), is finding increasing acceptance in Europe. CPTO®, planfocus? CashEDI solution certified for this standard, is currently the only software suite available internationally that guarantees fully integrated cash planning and control as well as order tracking for the cash supply chain.

The decision taken by the Deutsche Bundesbank to implement the electronic ordering procedure CashEDI (Cash Electronic Data Interchange) has led to major changes to cash transaction processes currently used by all professional cash handlers with the Bundesbank. As from 1 January 2013, it will be obligatory for all German banks, traders and cash-in-transit companies to communicate relevant cash transaction data to the Bundesbank by using the CashEDI procedure, for cash orders and deposit notifications. In doing this, it is up to the cash handlers whether they would prefer to exchange data using the Bundesbank?s web platform (WebEDI) or whether they would rather transfer data directly from their  inhouse IT system with the support of a certified software solution, which is the method of choice if more than a few transactions occur day-by-day.

?Meanwhile, the Spanish, French and Italian central banks have already followed the Bundesbank?s lead and likewise chosen to adopt GS1 standards for their cash operations. Moreover, the GS1 standard was approved by the ESCB as one of the two eligible data formats for use with the DECS (Data Exchange for Cash Services) procedure. Using DECS it is possible to carry out electronic data exchange for cross-border cash payments. CashEDI supports EU-wide harmonisation as a national portal.? (Source: Deutsche Bundesbank)

Planfocus was one of the first certified software vendors with its CashEDI solution CPTO® to offer  software for secure communication of all relevant data involved in cash transaction processes with the Bundesbank since the beginning of 2009. Besides data transfer for cash orders and deposit notifications, CPTO®/CashEDI can also track the status of orders at the Bundesbank and of deliveries at any given time. This allows banks, traders and cash-in-transit companies to know which amounts of cash are located where and who they are circulating with at all times.

As the German market leader for software for the optimized cash supply chain, planfocus? CPTO® suite V5.1 offers a complete, fully integrated solution for the cash supply chain. It combines all key elements from cash planning at cash points and branches, to internal order management processes, optimizing transport processes and complete tracking and tracing of consignments. This allows the entire cash supply chain to be centrally monitored and controlled.



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