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Cash is an elementary piece of the economic freedom for citizens of every country. It is something that billions of people care about and rely on each and every day. Yet cash is surprisingly complex and expensive to circulate. Our mission at planfocus is to provide intelligent technologies to make cash distribution as efficient as possible. With our solutions for the optimization of the cash cycle, we contribute significantly to keep cash an attractive payment option available to consumers.


Founded in 2004, planfocus® empowers financial institutions, cash service providers and retailers worldwide in driving up process optimization and bringing tangible cost reduction throughout the Cash Supply Chain. As a trusted Fintech leader specialized on Cash Cycle Optimization, our solutions are helping our clients to reduce their logistics spending and cash holding costs while improving availabilities and SLAs at the same time. Through highly advanced forecasting and optimization technology from Operations Research and AI, our solutions drive over 300 billion Euros in physical cash shipments every year for ATMs, branches and cash centers, thereby maximizing efficiencies, speeding up processes and increasing profitability.

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Our market-leading solution CCO® offers financial institutions a high-performance, multivendor cash management solution to better plan, monitor and execute in the cash supply chain. The solution optimizes replenishments and controls cash handling for all types of cash points – from ATMs, Deposit Machines, Cash Recycling Systems, Bank Branches, Teller Cash Recyclers, POS workstations to Cash Centers – analyzing cash demand signals, allocating currency across the entire supply chain, and instructing Cash-in-Transit companies (CiTs). The solution accurately predicts cash requirements or surplus using advanced forecasting algorithms and computes optimal replenishment cycles based on patented optimization technology. At the same time CCO® helps make cash processes and their cost structures transparent and thus continuously provides guidance to take for further optimization steps. Our solutions draw from scientific methods of operations research, econometrics and software engineering.

The CCO®-Suite is in use in numerous renowned financial institutions and service provides and generates CIT order volumes exceeding EUR 300 billion per year. Our clients affirm their high level of satisfaction due to the reliability and outstanding performance of the software and follow new developments and market trends through a continuous subscription program. We gladly inform you of reference institutions similar to your own.


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