Cash Cycle Optimization in Critical Times

Planfocus Cash Cycle Optimization is here to help customers deal with changing ATM patterns as strong steps are taken around the world to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

With social distancing in place worldwide, the pressures of this unprecedented situation affect all of us. An important restriction that impacts our commerce behavior is that many stores are closed to contain COVID-19, and with this, we are also seeing changing cash usage patterns temporarily. Governments and central banks have recognized the likely impact on financial services and are taking unprecedented measures to keep stability in the financial system and the continued availability of cash for the public. In turn, Banks and ATM operators have the responsibility to keep banknotes available at ATMs at all times, to comfort the public and deliver on the promise of central banks that cash remains available at all times.

In the first days, as people are preparing to weather the upcoming storm, many banks noticed increased cash withdrawals and larger transactions of cash and gold, primarily at bank branches but also at many ATMs. Naturally, with cash being the most resilient payment means available, in the first phase the public are preparing for a period of the unknown, establishing a cash cushion at home – requiring banks and ATM operators to act. In the second phase, with “staying at home” becoming the new “normal” for a while, ATM cash usage naturally drops as spending options are heavily restricted. In the third phase, when the lockdowns will be lifted and stores will re-open again – the public will hit the streets again and ATM patterns will surge and go back to normal over time.

During these difficult times, we at planfocus are here to help our bank and retail customers cope with the volatile situation.  We have taken all the necessary steps to protect and safeguard the health and welfare of our team. Our staff are working remotely, and we have verified and strengthened our business continuity procedures. Our robust IT infrastructure enables us to provide seamless services without any disruption during this difficult period.

Now is the time to greatly benefit from a good Cash Cycle Optimization solution. Benefits arise in three ways: First, visibility of cash movements and forecast alerting about any upcoming cash shortages at particular ATMs. Second, operational automation, with respect to automatically generated orders, enabling central settings of higher cash buffers for ATMs and branches using CCO® optimization parameters. And third, automatically adapting forecasting using accurate and responsive data analysis plus the use of dynamic calendar entries, which enables a fast response to the changing demands and cash usage patterns across all phases. This means that cash orders and routing are readily adjusted to meet the actual demand and free up CIT resources in cash centers and on the road.

Our CCO® software is already helping many customers save hundreds of thousands of EUR each year to streamline cash operations. Beyond that, in the next weeks our systems will ensure that our customers avoid the costly procedure of filling machines that are already full, while at the same time buffering at other ATMs and Cash Recyclers to avoid stockouts or hitting max capacities. Equally important on cost, and more important for customer service, will be the speedy and controlled response to meet the rush of demand when lockdowns are withdrawn. 

For reasons of cost, service and security, our customers have never needed our help for scheduling their ATM services more than now in these critical times!  

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