Diebold Nixdorf announces the launch of Vynamic Cash Management in Brazil

Diebold Nixdorf announces the launch of Vynamic Cash Management in Brazil. Part of the new software suite of the company in the country, the solution allows simplifying the cash management in ATMs and bank branches, reducing the cost and the complexity of the operation of the companies of the banking sector. To do so, it offers a series of intelligent resources to optimize the monitoring, visibility, and control of banking institutions over their processes and cash circulation points.

“A constant challenge for the banking industry is to keep the ATM network always with cash available for customers. On the other hand, it is impossible to make rounds to load the terminals without any planning. Doing this process without intelligence generates increased costs with transportation, management, supply, etc.” says Vicente Junqueira, Head of Professional Services & Software at Diebold Nixdorf Brazil. “Our cash management software solves this question by allowing the follow-up and management of the operations in an intelligent way and in real time, creating the future supply forecasts based on the historical data of the operation itself”.

According to the executive, the system has as a differential the possibility of allowing an even more precise monitoring of the terminals “Most of the cash management tools are based on spreadsheets or systems that do not allow a real analysis of the situation. This manual process, in the end, increases the overall cost of cash management by not bringing visibility and intelligence to the process as a whole. Vynamic Cash Management is a proven software technology that can provide a minimum savings of 15% to the current cash costs”, he highlights, indicating that the solution allows the construction of strategies and practical roadmaps to optimize the cash movement and loading steps at ATMs and other points, always in accordance with the priorities of each organization.

With updated analyses directly between terminals and networks, the module has resources for active machine monitoring, an automatic alert system against incidents, and an exclusive tool for data analysis and report production.

Junqueira reinforces that the software opens the possibility of historical monitoring of cash management, bringing a new opportunity to optimize the companies’ planning, as well as the experience provided to customers in Brazil. “With Vynamic Cash Management it is possible to check the ideal intervals and volumes for terminal replenishment, based on the demand of an area, branch, or equipment,” he adds.

The executive also emphasizes that the focus is to guarantee more intelligence and practicality for the expansion of the current self-service networks. “Our cash management solution, as well as our other solutions in the Vynamic™ portfolio, is designed to offer financial institutions and consumers all the necessary connection to optimize the end-to-end journey.”

It is worth noting that in addition to the cash cycle management and optimization module, DN Vynamic also offers other features for managing personalized ATM campaigns and cash flow optimization. Among them, we highlight the Vynamic View modules, where companies can monitor and track the real-time performance of applications and installed machines, and Vynamic Security, which complements the delivery with 360° and continuous security view of the entire network of infrastructure and data involved in the operation of the terminals.



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