Diebold Nixdorf Managed Services Successfully Completes Worldwide Migration to planfocus CCO®

Munich — Diebold Nixdorf (DN), global strategic partner of planfocus completes its world-wide migration of the global Cash Management Service teams to the new common platform Cash Cycle Optimizer from planfocus Software.

This is a significant step by the DN Service Organization following a systematic market-RFP and a comprehensive global tool migration project. The migration of US and European divisions, with operating centers located in 4 major country hubs, included tool migration, global trainings and cutovers from previous systems to one uniform solution hosted across two continents based on planfocus CCO®.

During the migration, the DN operational and change management teams worked hand-in-hand with the planfocus project and technical teams to assure a smooth transition, replacing previous in-house and market software tools. The process included requirements analyses across different regions and a closely managed change process to incorporate custom functionalities within the standard software solution Cash Cycle Optimizer CCO®, targeted for Managed Services operations. In particular, new custom functionalities for reconciliation and inventory management workflows as well as custom SLA reporting functionalities were rolled out. 

Now with the migration project completed, the resulting DN tooling based on planfocus CCO® provides DN customers with maximum operational savings from an outsourced CM Service while yielding the highest level of SLAs available. For DN, the resulting high-level of automation enables a higher productivity of the cash agent teams and an increased focus on value-added services and SLA management for DN customers.

The move of migrating DN’s Cash Management operations centers for several hundred DN customers complements the successful strategic partnership between planfocus and DN as a strategic global distributor of the CCO® solutions in its Vynamic software suite for its global customer base.


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