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Financial Institutions (FIs), especially Consumer Banks, today are in a challenging position: Despite an ever-growing number of payment options, consumers are still turning to physical cash as their #1 payment instrument and central bank statistics in the vast majority of countries show a steady increase in the amount of cash in circulation.

In most parts of the world, banks are the principal providers of money and financial products, and the responsibility for provision of cash lies with them. While the precise details of their cash strategy varies greatly between banks, a key element for all is the cost factor. It follows that cost optimization is vital.
This is precisely where planfocus’ Cash Cycle Optimization can significantly reduce the cost burden. It will cut the monthly invoice for cash transportation and, in countries where interest rates for network cash matters, it will reduce bound capital.

At planfocus, we have taken extreme engineering efforts with software Made in Germany to provide the best and most automatic AI + mathematical models to reduce the costs of cash to the absolute minimum. Some people may view these sophisticated solutions as being similar to a German luxury car and think, “we don’t need a luxury car, as long as we can reach our goal”. Well, truth be told, that analogy is quickly broken because luxury cars do not save money: whereas CCO® will greatly reduce the total cost of cash ownership. Customers who have introduced the best optimization solution in the market, CCO®, are now benefitting from savings that far exceed the cost of the planfocus software solution, year after year.
At planfocus, we know cash operations. We have focused over a decade on developing the most sophisticated technologies to solve the most complex cash forecasting and planning applications to a high degree of automation. By choosing optimized cash management from planfocus today, you will be miles ahead of the field tomorrow – and not just when it comes to economic efficiency. The planfocus experts will show you how it all works.

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