Managing Rapid Growth with Automated Cash Supply-Chain Optimization

The solution Cash Point & Transport Optimizer CPTO® by planfocus optimizes the Cash Supply Chain for the fastest growing bank in Saudi Arabia, Alinma Bank.

Since its founding in 2006, Alinma Bank Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest growing banks in Saudi Arabia. Alinma Bank serves their clients with a nationwide network of branches for men and women and a network of more than 1.000 ATMs.

The increasing number of branches and ATMs provide Alinma Bank with a great challenge: Managing a complex, fast-growing and secure supply chain – forecasting and planning as well as transporting cash to various locations every day. The amount of cash required daily is by no means constant, but is influenced by many factors, which makes forecasting and planning of cash a complex science rather than an art.

In most cases, cash inventories of ATM networks in the past were planned by cash managers with spreadsheets or little technological assistance. Further, a growing number of cash points in the network adds increased complexity to these processes. With all due care it used to result in cash points with excess stocks as well as higher transport frequencies. Personnel efforts and -costs for transportation and tied-up capital as well for processing and distributing cash throughout the bank’s network – from the central bank to ATMs/ branches and ultimately to customers – put strain on budgets.

For the complete Customer Success Story, please click below.

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