New savings banks mean CPTO® controls over 2,000 Cash Points across Germany.

Over the last few months, numerous savings banks associated with Sparkassen Informatik have taken the decision to deploy convenient solutions for computer center-hosted, optimized cash supply management, thus bringing CPTO® into play.

planfocus and its implementation partner SSG Lange & Partner AG welcome their new ?Cashmanagement Comfort? clients: Sparkasse institutes based in Heilbronn, Trier, Westmünsterland, Augsburg, Mülheim, Oberhausen, Haar, Rhein-Nahe, and Dinslaken-Voerder-Hünxe. Many of these savings banks opted for coordinated planning and harmonization of all ATMs, cash recyclers, and branches.

We would also like to welcome to several clients currently within the FinanzIT domain: Sparkasse branches based in Vogtland, Elbe-Elster, Zwickau (applying CPTO to the entire branch network), and Vorpommern (applying CPTO/Transport).



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