To help you with your business decision regarding cash cycle optimization, we assist you in the calculation of the benefits that you can realize with the implementation of CCO®. Because our approach to this is rigorous and precise, we call this approach Proof-of-Value (PoV).

This PoV approach has successfully proved many times that we can estimate with high accuracy the savings that you can actually realize with the implementation of  CCO®. Here is how it works;

  • In a detailed up-front analysis, we receive key information from you, following a questionnaire-process.
  • We look at your actual historic cash-point data, and ensure it is represented in a model CCO® database.
  • We run a scenario simulation, using the exact same algorithms that are used with the LIVE CCO® solution.
  • We analyze and compare the historic actuals against CCO® simulations and provide you with clear and definitive answers to questions such as: How can my existing processes be improved? How much can can be saved from using CCO® and exactly how can this be accomplished?

Even though this approach compares directly against your historic data, we ensure that this approach is a systematic methodology that leads to completely accurate results … and of course, we give you full transparency into how it works!

So independently if you follow-up with a decision to implement CCO® in the next step, you will gain tremendous insights into where the processes can be improved. Because of the engagement this requires, this is often carried out in the form of a small consulting project.


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