ING Belgium, one of Belgium’s leading providers of financial services, has deployed the planfocus solution to enable ING to optimize all its cash-related processes end-to-end, in a deeply integrated project spanning multiple years. The solution has been rolled out to all of ING’s ATMs and fully enables exact mathematical optimization of ING’s business processes that follow Belgium’s complex legal transportation requirements.

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Finanz Informatik with its registered office in Frankfurt am Main is the exclusive IT service provider of the German Savings Banks group (Sparkassen Finanzgruppe). Finanz Informatik operates its SYS-Watch Cashmanagement-Comfort on the basis of CCO®, which is offered to over 400 Savings Banks with a total of over 25.000 ATMs and 15.000 branches.


Deutsche Bank group and all its subsidiaries employs CCO® across its entire network for the full automation of its entire cash point network, including operations at Deutsche Bank, Postbank, Postbank branches, and further market services at VOEB-ZVD Bank. For Deutsche Bank, transparency and control of its cash inventories and deliveries are key to ensure that all of its cash points are replenished always on time and at with maximum cost efficiency. Only through a centralized, precisely planned control of its various cash-in-transit (CIT) operators across the country, the successful reduction in cash deliveries as well as cash inventory holdings can be achieved, leading to significant cost savings.


Postbank, member of Deutsche Bank Group, is the largest private retail bank in Germany, and is using CCO® for optimizing a large fleet of cash points within its network, including about 1.700 Cash Recycler ATMs, more than 1.400 dispenser ATMs and about 4.000 all newly set up automated branch Cash Recycler ATMs.


Ratiodata is a subsidiary of Fiducia GAD IT AG. With more than 1.100 cooperative banks and over 38,300 connected self service systems, FIDUCIA GAD is one of Germany’s largest IT Service Centers, providing standard banking systems and IT infrastructure to its clients.  Ratiodata offers cash management services hosted by FIDUCIA GAD AG, on the exclusive basis of the planfocus® software suite, which performs automatic cash planning and supervision of the cash cycle of their participating member banks. Ratiodata offers a managed services solutions for German Financial Institutions (FIs), in particular in the cooperative banking segment (Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken).


VÖB-ZVD Processing GmbH for payment processing services, a subsidiary of Deutsche Postbank, produces CCO® for its customers in the area of cash management. Among those Shell, for which CCO® optimizes all cash in transit at over 1400 cash recycling systems at German gas stations nationwide, as well as Cardtronics, whose entire cash supplies in Germany are planned through CCO® and others.


Alinma Bank was founded by three Saudi government funds in 2006 to become an Islamic retail and corporate bank. Today, Alinma Bank is the fastest growing bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with well over 1000 ATMs. Alinma Bank opted for Cash Cycle Optimization CCO® in order to manage their cash processes more efficiently. The bank faced increasing challenges due to their rapidly growing branch network. They needed a software application that manages their cash supply for the entire network reliably and on time. Today, Alinma is able to monitor their entire cash supply chain with end-to-end transparency.


Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), the largest state bank in Germany, is both a commercial bank and the central bank of the savings banks in Baden-Württemberg, Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate. LBBW offers every type of business provided by a large, modern bank in over 180 branches and offices throughout Germany. LBBW is optimizing its total cash management processes with CCO® by planfocus, since early 2012. Today over 280 ATMs and 180 branches are live.


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