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Solution Overview

An important solution component for process optimization is the module CCO/Tracking. CCO/Tracking provides for end-to-end track & trace of all cash shipments, be it ATM cassettes or other packages or shipments, together with transparent monitoring.
CCO uses the GS1 standards for unique designation of packages (SSCC), locations (GLN) and products (GTIN). In addition, CCO/Tracking can also be used with customized numbering schemes, in case compliance with GS1 standards is not required or called for. All numbering schemes can be represented as barcodes. This has the advantage that independently of the use of GS1 Standards, stationary or mobile barcode scanners can be used for fast data acquisition. For CCO certified scanners are directly available from planfocus.

Order Acquisition

CCO/Tracking allows for acquiring orders of a flexible, customizable item catalog, including, nut not limited to, foreign currencies, gold, or special coins. As a precondition to tracking a package, a corresponding delivery order is to be created that can hold several shipments (e.g. several bill denomination cassettes). Such order creation can occur automatically from cash orders scheduled by CCO/Planner, or alternatively, it can occur by manually creating delivery orders.

  • Tracking of packages across the entire supply chain, from the source to the destination.
  • Full monitoring of the delivery process and the order status.
  • Simple check-in and check-out by using stationary or certified mobile barcode scanner.
  • Monitoring all transfers of liability.
  • Support of GS1-Standards: GLN, GTIN, SSCC.
  • Acquisition of track & trace information from third-party systems.
  • Workflows for efficient package commissioning
  • Complete package track & trace for shipments across the entire supply chain
  • Tracking with stationary or mobile scanners
  • Support for bills/coins/other values/products
  • Secured documentation and proof of ownership of funds and effective liability transitions
    Reduced manual documentation efforts through well-defined automated workflows
  • Securely traceable delivery of packages
  • Increased protection against risk of insolvency of CIT through documentation of funds
  • Potential for lower insurance policy premiums
  • Fewer manual errors during order recording by automated and mobile order processing

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